Monday, February 5, 2018

Willodel Press is Forming!

The Beginnings of Willodel Press!

For a long time I have wanted to develop the addition of more  Wee Folk inspired artwork to my Willodel Shop. I have begun a series of post card sets.

  These are two cards from the Useful Plant set, Comfrey and Echinacea.
They will be printed on heavy card start and be 4x6. The backs will be plain 
and envelopes can be included by request.

This card will be in the "Willodel Caravans Set" as well as the 
"Fairy Garden Set"

The "Gnome is not Home set" will be in a variety pack set.

Here are more samples layed out for printing!
I am also working on more seasonal backdrops and cards.


  1. How delightful!! How soon will the postcards be available?