Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Loving the Autumn

Encouraging indoor projects !

In September I began collecting things from Winter yard preparation, such as cutting back my Virginia Creeper vines and  trimming back poppies and rose.
I have always favored Virginia Creeper vines as they are so flexible, long and easy to work with. When first trimmed and still green I form a circle and then
twist added vines around the basic circle and then let lay flat while it cures. It is fairly easy to get a nice pleasing circular shape. I do not use glue or wire, sometimes I have used raffia to wrap and tie things on. As leaves fall I collect the colors I like and let them dry on the table, I rather like them curled and do not usually flatten them, but when I do want a flat one, I put them between pages of the phone book and just them sit a few days.
The above wreath is nice for Autumn and as it turns to winter I will add some evergreen boughs around the outside and maybe add a few pine cones.
After the season is over it also possible to save the wreath itself if desired . Another version of this is one made with all the cutting back in the herb garden, with lavendar leaves and flowers, rosemary , thyme , oregano etc. This one smells lovely.

Part of my Autumn traditions involve planting bulbs that will bloom for the Holidays, bringing fresh flowers into the house in deep Winter. This is a very lovely, especially if there is fragrance involved. This lily just amazed me and has all this bloom from one bulb and it only took 5 weeks! 
Here I am making Pomanders, a tradition many of us have done and especially nice for children because of the simplicity and the fragrances. Using a fondue stick, or metal screwer or fork makes it much easier and faster as sometimes the oranges are tough skinned or very soft. Tangerines can be done and kumquats too.  They can also be dusted with cinnamon for added fragrance. Buying cloves in bulk is much  this project more affordable.
I will post pictures of the finished ones:-)
I work on these now in the early mornings as it is a bit cold to go out and have a nice hot cuppa while I work.

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