Sunday, October 23, 2016


My kitchen table at the end of October!
Making a lot of birdhouse right now as people love them for Holiday gifts:-)

   Little Maple trees out doing themselves with Autumn beauty this year~ and pumpkins from the garden :-)

So fun to be making things with wool again, projects I do inside with wintery weather!

The little Maple trees are outdoing themselves in the yard this Autumn! The colors are ever cheerful. A few flowers persist in blooming , we have had rain but not snow and only light freezing but I have moved everything, including the Fairy garden, into my small green house.

This little guy , who seems to be called Bodin, was an outcome of the cold rainy weather and indoor work commenced. It was so wonderful to get all my wool bits out!
This is one of my functional birdhouses, the bottoms come off for cleaning and the holes are the right size for common songbirds

I have been making these for various windfall woods for 30 years, this is Aspen.
The birds love them and move right in!

 This is a little Wee Friend set, for a friend, a night stand or the Nature table Autumn Gnome!