Friday, July 8, 2016

In the Spirit of Summer Solstice

Summer means many things to many people. We all have our own nostalgia of it. 
For me it meant being out of doors, camping and embracing the wealth and beauty of the natural world around me.  Long days were spent in fields of tall soft grass, wild willow groves, small babbling creeks with waterdogs and frogs, surrounded my Maiden Hair fern, wild ginger and sorrel.
Building little houses with sticks, pebbles and mud and also making out door bakeries filled with pine cone delight and fir needle muffins!  In this spirit I imagine the fun of Wee Folk and all, enjoying their out of doors time. I loved making flags and capes and my wild horse was always named "North Wind"!
In this spirit, here is Camp Greenleaf!

A bonfire, a camp table, a place for good and a look out!

  The soft hand dyed wool leaves are for resting on and seeing the starry night

The backs also have nice doors in the spirit of the woodland and there is a log foot bridge to practice log walking!

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