Monday, July 25, 2016

A Fine time for a Camp out in the woods!

  Seasonal Travels

Most of what I make is done by inspiration of the wood.
The wood always has something it tells me and maybe even something it always wanted to be!
When I found this peice of wood, broken on one side, I imagined what it might be with
the flattened underside and another Gypsy wagon was born.

The selection and twigs and roots and sticks is always a treasure hunt of Nature's offerings~ things that have blown to the ground in a stormy wind or washed ashore in the lapping little waves of the lakes and creeks.  Something with a little curve, a little lilt and a little song of the woods that speaks to me. We imagine the adventures in the woods with our friends!

Stairs are handy, as are camp tables and tree trunk stools and a jolly camp fire for singing around and sitting under the moon

Pieces to this set, now only needing the little trail, by rabbit holes and squirrel paths and song birds stories and calls through a woodland meadow with ferns and forget-me-nots

And then came Tiny Houses, just as useful for travelers and wee folk

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