Thursday, May 26, 2016

More things for Spring where flowers abound!

Another Gypsy Wagon Appears from the Wood!

It has been a long while, but the time finally came:-) for someone who has patiently waited all this while.
It was decided that this cart would be pulled by a friendly golden red bear!

With the cart and Bear comes a table and chair for Wild teas and a nice wagon seat and bedroll
As you can see my close wee friend Leif, loves the bear as does little Trilby

The cart is made from wild Willow wood and the bear , Bass wood. 

The back has a removable half door.

This set is full of the magic found in Woodland places with little meadows filled with buttercups, wild iris and lilies...if you listen close you hear the robins sing and the creek talk and the trees sway in the breeze:-)


  1. Will this be available to purchase? I want to buy one for my daughter's Kindergarten class :)

  2. Hi there and thank you for writing! This item was a special request order so is taken. They are one of my most complex projects and I do not make them too often. I can add you to my Willodel request book if you like or would be interested at a later time:-)

  3. Do you sell your toad houses? They are absolutely beautiful! I would love to add one to my flower garden.