Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Joy of Spring

As Spring has opened her glorious arms to us, my work has been inspired to make new and fun things!

Walks by the lake offer driftwood roots for Awnings and shelters!  A lovel Spring Mushroom home with a Pergola!

A lovely meeting place for Summer gatherings and Wee folk comradery!

And even a Wee Fairy house  has a lovely Summer addetion on it for wild Violet tea and berries:-) 

What seems to appear with Spring are the lovely green roofs!  This is the last little house made from the large Pine root that  I came upon that washed ashore after a storm at the lake. The houses made from this root have all had a specil glow about them~

A little Pine Sprite dwells here and the wee room on the side has a little back door too..

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