Friday, April 8, 2016

A Time for Birds

Time to Think of our Garden Friends, the Birds!

It is nesting time for our fine feathered little friends. Birds are one of the greatest help to your yard and garden for eating bugs, pollinating and providing cheerful noises and song. Many common native songbirds are cavity dwellers by nature and lack the resource of hollow trees for nesting due to human development.
The best thing we can do is to provide our fellow birds with safe and  properly constructed nesting habitat. Birds migrate back to their nesting grounds this time of year. If they find a cozy home, they are likely to use it again next season.
Little known to many folks is that different species will nest in close proximity without complaint. They often chase off or fight with their own species, but ignore the activities of others, making it possible to create a Bird neighborhood:-)

This is a larger house and large hole, 1.5".  Bluebirds will use this house and other medium sized common birds.

This is a medium sized house and will be used by swallows and wrens

It is important for most species, to be able to clean the house out after nesting is over, for this I make the houses so the bottoms come off.

Here is an example of another kind of Bird neighborhood that had Wrens, Nuthatch, Tree Swallows and Bluebirds all nesting at the same time.

Here is more information on our friends the birds:

Mother and Father Bluebirds build the perfect nest! 

 This is the day that the 5 babies left the nest!  These are the first two that came out to fly for the first time!  Nothing is more exciting than to watch this:-)

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