Monday, March 28, 2016

More Nods to Spring & Gatherings from the Shore!

Leaning into Spring!

There have been days nice enough to walk the lake shores. The water level is high
 so collecting twisty sticks and roots is limited.  As I was returning the other day for a shore walk, I came accross a long twisting piece of dry root, clearly large enough to make some houses for the Wee folk:-)   The root was a from large Pine tree and washed ashore, broken in Winter storms no doubt. was left for me and my little dog to find!! These are the first two houses I made & I think I can manage one more.

The rarely seen Elfin Boot, made over the big Spring Equinox Moon & filled with  a certain magic!
Forget-Me-Nots decorating the door.

A surprise gathering of Wee Friends to share Spring tea

A Large Willodel lodge with a certain lilt as it leans toward Spring in wild flower splendor. The roof is made from Poplar and curving body is the Pine root.

And here again we have lovely Wee folk meeting for tea and pie:-)