Thursday, February 11, 2016

Moving into Spring

Moving into Spring!

   Wintery weather is still afoot, but shrubs and trees have new buds and new life coming quickly into the landscape upon close look.  I am still doing a lot of work indoors , which you will see here. It is great to spend time with wool and paint, dying wool and creating new projects. I hope to finish a tutorial on making play mats as well as the Gnome Boatman tutorial.

Wee Folk are excited for this fun project and are offering a great amount of help as I work!
I have dyed lots purples and green for this!
This is the beginning of a little mat that I started a while back. I always try to fit in a small pond, some mushrooms and mossy rocks:-)

Here is the finished mat that already has a home to go to. Everyone is happy!

This is an enthusiastic little fox , also on his way to his new home, another good indoor project to do this time of year.

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