Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting back to work

  The Clean White Pages of early January beckon!
I have begun working on more designs for paper products and also a gourd house, an Eggplant Cafe.

Here are a couple pictures of work this week
This is my shop work table. It seemed like it was time to start a Willodel Fairy Cottage as it has been quite a spell since one came to be. This process involves many conversations with various twigs and branches as each house has it's special branches that belong to it alone!

This Elfin Keep seemed it really wanted extra decorations. It could be trailings of the Holiday, or it could be whispers of Gnomes and Fairies and Elves~

The second story perch is always a popular place to  view the world from and watch for firends!

 Oh, this Winter Gnome Lodge also wanted a decorated door, Willodel Wren  likes it too!

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