Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy with Autumn!

Wee Folk are Busy with Autumn!

     Leif, the little green Elf helper of mine,  simply insisted that the big magic pumpkin be brought to the Willodel Village. Some other pumpkins had arrived earlier, but the new one hasd a very special presence to it that could not be denied.  We were also smitten with the beautiful persimmons that had arrived at the market, along with the wee pumpkins----all in the wonderful warm colors of turning leaves and golden light only found in Autumn. 

   This week we finished two important projects, the dog cart set and the Tinker Elf set. They can be seen here, in the picture we took before the big pumpkin came to stay....

 Everyone was gathering in the village to share their Autumn finds...

   This is the Tinker Elf, his helper and Elfin Pony and cart.  They are busy collecting Autumn treasures.

   Below is a gathering of a day of foraging... one morning I woke up to a gentle rain starting and realized that I needed to collect wild things before they  became weathered!  My dog and I went out right away and gathered and gathered and had such a lovely morning.
   Among our finds of acorns and seedpods, were large milkweed seed pods, a common wild growing plant. At Willodel we always saw these as little boats or "coracle" for wee folk. We were also lucky to find young Sugar pine and Spruce cones. The beautiful leaves come from wild Geranium. Poppy seed pods are what I make Fairy Crowns from and they have become very popular amongst our wee friends.  The acorn caps are also favored for Fairy bowls and cups.

   As a result of gathering , I was able to offer boxes of acorns and pinecones to those that had none!
These nice, very large acorns come from California Black Oaks. The cones are from Sequoia Redwood trees and are very sturdy and fit for become wee folk. After finding the Milkweed seed pods  there are now resources to make Wee Gnome Boatman, a seasonal favorite at Willodel, which will soon become a Tutorial!

Here on a little nature shelf is a wonderful Autumn gathering collection, including some Fairy stones and seashore treasures

As Autumn colors fill the landscape and some early rains come pattering in, a few things in the garden continue to bloom, amazingly so really , as they have bloomed and bloomed all summer.
One of these is a lovely rose bush and it would seem that it's last gift is indeed the biggest one of all!

Please remember to look at my tutorials for many projects using Autumn Foraging:-)

This is a picture from the Making Fairy Dishes Tutorial!