Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fox and Cart found in the Garden!

Little Fox and Cart found in the Fairy Garden

This project was a special order, the little fox is always a loved item, whether a book rack, letter holder or made to pull a cart or live in a log home..
The fox is cut and sanded out of bass wood, the cart is poplar and aspen

Usually I use raffia for some weaving on the cart, but this time of year there are vines that are very supple, so I wove Virginia Creeper vines and a later added their twining curly parts too. The upright posts are oak twigs, the hub cap is a eucalyptus pod.
The finished cart and fox with his harness is in my Garden for Fairies with some friends! While the garden grows and fills in, it turns out to be a wonderful place to take photos:-)

Another little Fox and cart going home for the Holidays:-)


  1. So wonderful! I really enjoy gazing at your work! Delightful! Thanks for sharing this!😸