Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Elf Work in the Studio


Much time has passed since my last post, and I thought I would catch up by posting images of what has been going on in the work room over the last weeks.. a variety of lovely requests :-)

In the Hutch inspiration is always found!

Filled with projects , kitchen work table in early December

This is a wooden stage I am working on, when complete I will try making copies on heavy card stock to sell as a "do it yourself" project

Ahh! A Fairy Sleigh, a gift for artisan friend dear, Will speed through the snow to find new delight across the sea!

A Polar Bear ! Needle felted and ready to go to a new home, Leif had to give him one last pat.

The Polar Bear and his Sleigh!

I never tire of Tomtens and foxes!

A woodland stage with characters, ready for celebrations...

More painting done on the sides

     Another nod to Autumn as Winter comes, a Little Acorn Gnome finds a lovely home and Willodel Wren comes to visit!

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