Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 A time of Gathering

   It is a time when a certain excitement fills the air, a time of gathering , a time of anticipation and excitement, for making, for cooking, for family and friends.  
   Things are very busy here, many projects going on at once, of wood, of wool , of seed pods and many new ideas!   I hope to get two new tutorials done, one for Play Mats and one for Paper Mache.
Autumn color of Black Oak leaves
Little Fox and Leif, with a new cart

Wee folk are busy gathering!

When the Gnomes get weary, Little Fox helps pull the cart!

I have been working at making more sculpted animals, I love making these!

Endless possibility and fun with seed pods! 

These are all from Eucalyptus trees of different kinds. I 
also use lots of different kinds of acorns:-)

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