Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Journey Under the Light of the Silvery Moon

A Felted Elfin Caravan on a Journey for Gathering

A flicker flew by morning light,  and looking down, to his delight, an Elfin caravan had stopped for the night....

Leif and the Blue Fairy are traveling to gathering things they will need for the winter, the Mossy gnomes and Wren have things for them...

By the light of the silvery moon Elves will be dancing with Fairies in Fairy shoon...

The Elfin pony , who knows his way, will bring them luck that will forever stay...


  1. Is it possible to purchase your stuff? I couldn't see a link.

  2. Hi Becky and thank you for writing. In the upper right corner of the blog, in the narrow column on the right, there is a title that says "WILLODEL SHOP", there is a little slide show that goes of everything for sale in the shop. If the item you are looking at in the post is not there, it means it sold. If you click on any item in the Willode shop slide show, it will take you to my Etsy shop.
    Also, a lot of things I make, which I also post on Willodel Facebook, people ask to buy and I just send them an invoice. This Felted Caravan was sold that way, off Facebook.
    Here are links to my Etsy Shop and Willodel Facebook. Let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for writing.