Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Autumn in the Air!

The Feeling of Autumn in the Air

   Thoughts of pumpkins turning orange, with rose hips and  chestnuts not far behind--oh Autumn, my favorite time of year!  I have made one last Summer escape for the season....

The gypsy vendor cart, for all sorts of harvest fun, berry pies, poppy seed tea, apples and all that is good;-)

Here is a woodland cart with Autumn Elves and gnomes out for gathering in the fields and woods!
 Last Summer Adventure hose.....Full of fun and exciting things to do, a bonfire, a pergola, brunch out of doors!

Unusual "porch " roof to add to the beauty of it all;-)

Now though, I am thinking of Autumn , I have made a cart with a fox for gathering and Autumn colors for Gnomes.....

I will be focusing on Autumn activities and things for the Nature Table...Looking forward to all the fun things!

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  1. Looking through your site i think you are amazing and just love what you do