Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Large Eco Gnome Home with Table and Chairs

Here is a style home I have not made for a good while. In fact it has been so long that I had to do a bit of work to get it cut out right.  The idea is that it is made entirely from found wood and sustainable woods.  The Aspen tree and it's forest is the largest living organism on the Earth.  The Aspen tree is one of the most plentiful native trees in the land.  In an Aspen forest, ever tree that you see is connected to all the other trees.  The forest grows by spreading by the roots and that is how they are all connected.  Not long lived and shallow rooted, they often fall over in wind and snow load.  Building things out of Aspen is very eco friendly.
      This nice Eco Gnome Home stands 11" tall and just as wide. It also has a table and chairs.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Large Woodland Fairy Apartment

The idea of a tree where Fairies live is something that came from books I had as a child.  Wonderfully illustrated by Garth Williams, the magic of which has given me a lifetime of enjoyment.  Fairies living in trees and Elves and other Wee folk living in boroughs and tree stumps, indeed!  So occasionally a piece of wood would come along that seemed to fit this description of magical homes for wee ones and I would undertake the large task of making it. These homes are rare for their particular wood requirements and for the difficulty and effort in their construction.  The end result is however, undeniably desirable!  This apartment is unusually large and nice. It is made from windfall Aspen with a cedar roof and floor.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Birchwood Fairy Cottage

Embarking on a project with white birch is what building in the Fairy Woods really is!  It seems almost magical was you construct and use it.  I was given a box of small logs after the holiday. Such a gift, words cannot say!  I had made a fairy house and now this two Room Cottage comes next. This will probably be the largest house I make, as all the wood is fairly small.   I match the roof supports by faux painting them with birch bark, and add moss colors to remind us of Spring.  Working with this is a delight to all!

There is a wee door in the back of the small room! (no, this door is make-beleive, and does not open!)

There is a small fire place as nights are still cold!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Woodland Mushroom House Appears!


It has been a very long while since there have been any mushroom whisperings in the shop... perhaps the mossy Birch house that made aware of stirrings in the ground and playing in the moss around that house... I think if could have some rain, mushrooms would come, soon it will be time for Spring Mushrooms!               

Because it is still cold at night, it was necessary to add the fireplace still..

The Mushroom Home is in the same neighborhood of Willodel as the Mossy Birch Fairy House..