Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 For some time I have wanted to start incorporating silk into my work.  Some lovely pieces turned  up as remnants at the little local fabric store, so  I was so happy to get some.  In this mat, it is the beautiful blue water that is the silk, the texture and sheen fit the part well.  It is lovely to touch.  Play mats are such a nice addition to gnome play or fairy play.  They focus the playing and stimulate the imagination.  This set will inlude a little bridge and a table and stools for a picnic.

The mat is my usual double thickness, 100% wool, hand stitched around the edge.  There is yarn, roving, prefelt and silk. The mat has 3 dimensional qualities, the rocks are rounded up about 3/4 ".


  1. Hello Lucinda,
    your play mat is a dream. The silk is an ideal addition to the felt. I love your work. I hope that I have time to work a play mat for my season desk this year. I am so enthusiastic about your mat that I have to work one myself.
    Thanks for your inspiration.
    Best regards

  2. I am very pleased that this work has inspired you and hope that you make something wonderful ! I find them like painting a picture with textiles and natural dyes.

  3. Hello creative genius! I love love love your work. Do you have any videos of your process? Ive havent used prefelt yet, just wool roving and silk for playscapes. I would love to make something this amazing but i need help! :)