Saturday, August 24, 2013


With great anticipation of Autumn in the air, the gathering of seed pods and pine cones is well under way!  The work table is covered with little plates and bowls with drying acorns, seeds and pine cones.  Lovely and inspiring to gaze upon.  The first we ones to come forth are the Sequoia Gnomes with their wee one and a lovely forest lodge for them!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 For some time I have wanted to start incorporating silk into my work.  Some lovely pieces turned  up as remnants at the little local fabric store, so  I was so happy to get some.  In this mat, it is the beautiful blue water that is the silk, the texture and sheen fit the part well.  It is lovely to touch.  Play mats are such a nice addition to gnome play or fairy play.  They focus the playing and stimulate the imagination.  This set will inlude a little bridge and a table and stools for a picnic.

The mat is my usual double thickness, 100% wool, hand stitched around the edge.  There is yarn, roving, prefelt and silk. The mat has 3 dimensional qualities, the rocks are rounded up about 3/4 ".

Flowers for Winter

As Summer Flowers are going to seed and squirrels are knocking acorns on the ground, I like to gather some of what is left in the flower beds, to dry for winter.
I have found that I can dry the large headed flowers by supporting their form with nursery plant trays.  I do this with Sunflowers and Hydrangea, allowing them to dry without drooping petals or bent stems.  The Hydrangea in these pictures had heads that were 4" to 5" accross. They dried in 3 days in the dry mountain air and look perfectly natural in their vase. Only a close look will reveal they are not fresh.  These will last well for a year, and maybe two or more.  I put the support nursery trays on my trusty clothes rack, which has been so handy for many things!

 3 days later, my dried flowers are lovely in their (waterless!) vase.  They will be great for winter decor,even on the mantle with boughs of rosehips and evergreens.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In the spirit of the first show of colored leaves in the yard and lots of young acorns dropping around the oak trees, I have made this wee cozy house and gnome, with table, stool and bed.