Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Eggplant Pod House with Gnome

The next inspired endeavor!  This time I made a gnome to go with it ! 

This house stands 11" tall and is an artful and imaginative piece for hours of inspired play!

It has a little mail pouch on the side and blue wool carpet inside 
The design is taken from a real eggplant plant!

The back has an imaginative little painting on it


  1. I have a question. Do you think these will hold up to children's play or are best for nature tables? The gourd I have is on the fragile side.
    This is a beauty!

  2. Hi Karen, thank you for writing! I find these gourds to be very sturdy and older children, who would not be pulling at the leaves or dropping it on a hard floor, should be able to play with it. I say this about the wood houses also, geared for gentle and respectful play. The gourds are not thin shelled, most are 1/4" thick or so.