Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Adventure into homes for Wee folk!

As the wood I have used for over 20 yrs. is harder for me to get now ( I sold my truck and chainsaw a while back!) and I have moved to where there are less of them, I have been thinking of other materials to use.  I have started making the felt and wool houses, they are beautiful and soft for children, but very time consuming by comparison to the wood. A new endeavor is what I am calling a "Pod House".
I will be making more of these in the near future!

This is durable and colorful, I love the color.  I will be interested in what others think of these ideas!

I will be putting an imaginative silhouette on the back of each house

Wednesday, June 5, 2013



After planting the initial plants, I waited awhile for them to grow a bit.  Then I added more.  I place pieces of wood where a house could go, to hold that place as the moss grew.  Today I added wetted sheet moss, or sphagnum moss.  I used it to cover up any signs of the tub and fern pots in the back. The sheet moss ties everything together.
I have a list of things yet to do, the creek, a path, a pool, a swing, a bench, etc--but at this point could not resist adding some houses and wee folk and taking a picture.  
At some point I will make a Fairy Garden Tutorial!

Today I also made the little bridge out of Aspen and painted it with acrylic stain. The addition of the sheet moss to cover the tub makes a huge difference in making it have a very convincing appearance!

Fairy Bridge details!

I have also added a beautiful crystal that the Elf Prince is looking at !