Friday, May 17, 2013

The Magic of a Gypsy Wagon

The Gnome Gypsy Wagon
I am not sure why there is the ever present allure of adventure and magic when contemplating "gypsy wagons".  I think it will forever symbolize a romantic life removed from the trappings of the modern day world and never cease to stir the imagination!
Gypsy Elves and a Gypsy Gnome having a picnic by their romantic home! The Wrens can come and we can too, never to wonder about what to do!


  1. Oh what a lovly gipsy wagon, I really wonder how you can realise fairytales!!!
    I´m going to join as a follower on your blog, in order never to miss one post again!
    Like it so much

  2. Oh so cool, once we rode in a gypsy caravan in Ireland.
    cheers Marie