Thursday, April 18, 2013


As I have continued to work with home dyed felt and wool, I have made a thatched cottage.  This sort of house has captured my imagination for most of my adult life!  Years ago I was doing welcome signs and plaques with thatched cottages and dreamed of a countryside home in this style.  So even now, I still find my romantic notions about these quaint dwellings and am sure there will be more. Figuring out the construction of the house is always a little challenging the first time. Also, access for play beyond the front door. This one allows getting into the house by the back side of the roof being only buttoned down.  I am including some construction pictures as well.

This shows the little half door open,  The Wild Peony Gnome is inside opening the door for a Willodel Wren who has come to visit.  The lovely play mat was made at the same time as the house, with home dyed wool, featuring the Romney wool dyed in greens with it's lovely texture. 
This shows the house as I figured  out how to make it. There is a lot of hand sewing involved and the house covering goes on last.
This shows the open roof in the back.
The front view with the door closed
A side view with the "see through" window and curly wool vegetation. 

All are enjoying the visit to the little cottage by the mossy meadow!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Having been a while since making a play mat, I had drifted away from doing them. Upon the completion of this special order one, I focused again on the magic they provoke for the imagination and world of "play". I am re-inspired to do more! This might also be a good topic for a tutorial.