Sunday, March 24, 2013


 This is the first house that I have made with my home dyeing project.  This dye project was done with a combination of Greener Shades non-toxic dye and natural dye(turmeric powder) . I have noted the dyeing on page of it's own at the top of the blog. I will just show some of the pictures of this project as it was made.
I have just finished this Sod Roof Gnome home.  I am pleased that I was able to dye and make the roof at home. I am going to show here, some of the steps. A felt door rolls down to cover the door way while Wee ones sleep at night and there is a big fire place in side.

This is my grandson felting the roof over a foam hat form, to make the shape more defined. 
The roof is lined with heavier wool and yellow felt which is what you see on the inside.

After the dyeing was done, I took the wet felt and put it really hot water again and began to stretch it over an  old sieve I use that is like a cone, to shape the felt for the pointed round roof, I let it dry here. The other little piece is what I made the "lawn" that comes with the house.

I decided to use a "stone cottage" look for this little home for Spring.  I also added a couple little flowers in the sod roof, and a chimey.

The finished house also comes with the nice fireplace with it's wool fire and a table and two chairs. The felt door curtain rolls up and ties under the roof over hang. This was a fun house and I look forward to doing more with my home dyeing projects !

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