Friday, April 6, 2012

Mossy Log Gnome Home

  The second felted Real Log Home! ahhh, but to say that needle felting can be an obsessive activity is an understatement!  For a person that already gets carried away with details, doing any of this in a reasonable amount of time is not likely! However , it remains my goal!  As I figure out the construction and designs of various houses, I promise they will get faster and cost less!  It is my goal to have a felt house in the $40's , so everyone can have a house :)  I have also started doing LayAway, which is working well.
 As an artist, working with the beautiful wool is like doing a painting, as is clearly evidenced in the house here.  I also did a three dimensional playmat for this log house.  This is the first time I have tried it, and I like the effect, so there will be more of that.  I made the rocks look like they have lichen and moss on them.
 Thank you all for your wonderful comments!  I love to hear what people are thinking , their ideas and perspectives.