Friday, January 27, 2012

Smaller version of the Real Log Home

  The Real Log home was 2011's most popular house and I decided to try making a smaller version of it, that will still serve to be a wonderful home for wee folk and wee creatures.  I am picturing an adorable rabbit or chipmunk for Easter morning,  arriving in this charming home! Gnomes and Fairies too.
 Many times when I create something it is inspired by a piece of wood.  Then repeated pieces usually get made the same size as the first one! So like many things we have to think "outside" the box and try something new.  Our crafting and art help us grow as people  I think this product will be a nice compliment to the larger size, which is a few inches longer and taller and weighs more.  I have liked this design because it easily invites two children to play since it has multiple openings and a very natural appearance, bringing the "woods" into the home-- which we all love!
 The sun is out for the first time in weeks of rain and snow, so warming and encouraging it is.  The sun is calling thoughts of Spring to come forward, which always helps the long winter, and soon, very soon, the tips of daffodils will appear .

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