Monday, January 30, 2012

Fern Elf House

  As cold weather persists so does the felting!  This creation I am pleased with, it is a good size and very fun with play mat and Elf.  The elf is constructed with florist wire, pipe cleaners, wood bead and wool. I am going to be putting a diy page for making these kinds of little dolls.  It is hard to make them stand up though and I am thinking that if they had a walking staff it would help balance them, but this would be a part that would easily get lost or broken.  In time I will figure this out!
 I have put this set for sale on etsy. The lovely visiting Sunflower Gnome is from


  1. Lucinda! The little flowers in the window box are adorable :) the elf is sweet, a beautiful play set indeed!

  2. This is fantastic - I would love to see it in real