Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Embracing the Blog!

January is a time of taking ideas & making them realities, it is the start of a new year.  Having long wanted to do a blog, I am pleased that I have gotten this year --giving thanks to the strength and courage of the mighty dragon, who is with us in 2012! A Dragon abode and Dragon to live there are very much on the "list" of new creations.
 It is snowy here & the time of indoor work. I am working more with wool &  the idea of felt houses, soft and friendly for the smallest of hands to feel and play with.  I have loved felt since I was young, but have not had my hands in wool for many years & have  had to reacquaint my hands with the process , a task most enjoyable.  I have dyed my handmade felt with botanicals in a large copper bucket on the stove... a favorite kind of thing to do!  Making things from scratch, from things locally obtained,  by hand, is the most fulfilling to me.  I am going to attach pictures of my first projects. Eventually there will be felt houses the shop, but technique and design are still at work. The felt houses here are about 7.5 " tall. The lovely Gnomes come from the PaintingPixie shop on Etsy.
These houses will be primarily made from handmade & naturally dyed felt , with some over
lay of pre felt from wholesome sources.  

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