Sunday, November 15, 2020

Busy with Autumn!

Wee Folk Are Always Busy with Autumn!

     Leif, the little green Elf helper of mine,  simply insisted that the big magic pumpkin be brought to the Willodel Village. Some other pumpkins had arrived earlier, but the new one has a very special presence to it & could not be denied left out! We were also smitten with the beautiful persimmons that had arrived at the market, along with the wee pumpkins----all in the wonderful warm colors of turning leaves and golden light only found in Autumn. 

 Everyone was gathering in the village to share their Autumn finds...
   This is the Tinker Elf! 
.   Wee Folk are busy helping collect Autumn treasures!

   Below are the finds of a day of foraging. One morning I woke up to a gentle rain starting and realized that I needed to collect wild things before they  became weathered!  My dog and I went out right away and gathered much & had such a lovely morning.
   Among our finds of acorns & seedpods, were large milkweed seed pods, a common wild growing plant. At Willodel we always saw these as little boats or "coracles" for wee folk. We were also lucky to find young Sugar pine and Spruce cones on the ground. The beautiful leaves come from wild Geranium. Poppy seed pods are what I make Fairy Crowns from and they have become very popular amongst our wee friends.  The acorn caps are also favored for Fairy bowls and cups.

We love putting all these treasures on our 
Eflin Nature Bench!

Here on a little nature shelf is a wonderful Autumn gathering collection, including some Fairy stones and seashore treasures

Please remember to look at my tutorials for many projects using Autumn Foraging:-)

This is a picture from the Making Fairy Dishes Tutorial!
You will find the tutorials  at the top of the home page under the title on the green tabs :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Happy Equinox to All!

 Embrace our Mother Earth with all the love you have. With each Solstice and Equinox that passes we enter uncharted territory of the difficult changes happening to our planet.  We are forever All One, what happens to the Earth is happening to us.

Dwell on the love for our planet and hold it in your heart forever.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A wondrous Stay At Home Activity!


A Wondrous & Delightful Project! 

If you have made one in the past then there is always the possibility of making it "new" again by adding new features :-)
The link is at the top of the post!

Leif & Little Nuthatch getting ready for Tea!

 The finished garden after the second year, adding new things!
 Lots of pictures and instructions in the Tutorial!


Its a grand time to make fun things for Wee Folk everywhere!

Seed pods can do be used for so much!
They make tea time all the better and keep company satisfied!

Spread for the Acorn Cafe!


Livestock also enjoy these treats!

The seed pod caps are splendid for cups and bowls!

Leif serving tea to the Eggplant Sprite!

Here is the link to show how to make things with seedpods!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Friday, November 29, 2019

Holiday joy of making and decorating!

 There are several tutorials here for family holiday fun and enjoyment for you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring Equinox!

Viola Odorata

Happy Spring to all! I have been painting early Spring flowers and have great anticipation of bringing my Fairy Garden out of the green house :-)

This shows my original study done in gouache, on the board
and below is my oil painting  of my botanical study, and also
on the little easel above.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

With Spring comes Botanical Studies!

 I am spending my indoor Winter days  at the drawing table with my paints! I am working on Botanical studies with gouache paint.

I will be doing a series of these.

And this the view out my studio window to the front gate!

Friday, November 23, 2018

November is upon us!

The cheery Month of November brings shows & 

The enjoyment of little local shows!

I have made posters and plaques of my paintings on wood and also cards from many photos :-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Arrival of Autumn !

Always an exciting and wonderful time of year!

Warm and golden beauty everywhere and Pinecones, Acorns, seedpods galore!
Many lovely dried grasses and plants and the last flowers of the season

A walk in the gentle rain to meadow brought many beautiful things to decorate the house

Nature shelf is getting full!

A wreath for the door and a last bouquet from the cutting garden

beautiful rose hips for tea and for wreaths

Beautiful Birch Boletes !

A time of the gathering~ gathering abundance in nature and gathering with ones near and dear~ Lots of hot tea from the woodlands and gardens 🧡

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Willodel Elfin Wardrobe and Bed

This is a Custom order I have worked on a long while  and is getting ready to go to its new home!
But before it "flies away" I had to take pictures in the Willodel Fairy Garden!

Early morning Dandelion tea to get the day off to a good start :-)

Wake up , Wake up~ my dear little Elf :-)

Some who are lucky get breakfast in bed !

And all elves make their beds :-)

This set is 1/12 scale. The bed is about 7.5" long .  Its the first time I have made furniture such as this and it has been a lot of fun.

First rains and colored leaves!

Mother Nature is turning the page to Autumn 
It is the time of gathering and collecting

 I have gathered a basket of herbs from my garden to make into bouquet garnis for Winter soup.
My little bunches will dry nicely now that the wood stove is going each morning with colder nights.  I keep as many herbs as I can in my little green house, but
they do not really grow much, so these dried ones will be wonderful in the depth of Winter!

The light changes with Autumn as the sun angle changes.  The Autumn light is preferred by artists most of all because of the warm golden light that is found. First leaves to turn in my yard are the Dogwood and Virginia creeper and Sumac

And Sumac is one of the most beautiful for color

It is nice to use the bountiful things found on walks and make a wreath to celebrate. This wreath is made from Virginia creeper vine, it takes about 10 minutes to wind around and around and then twist some vine around that to hold the shape.   Let it dry and then add leaves and seed pods. I do not use any glue with these.

 Happy gathering and crafting through out this wonderful season. There are several projects in the my tutorials that are fun to do with family during this time.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


The Excitement in the air is making meadow grasses bow down and wild dock is turning oranges colds an reds in the fields! The oak trees are very loaded with fresh green acorns fast in their caps~

Here are a series of pictures of the finished set. The roof is painted with a Willow leaf design. The Wagon is 10" long., 8.75" high and 6.5" wide.

Leif helps Little Nuthatch gather baskets of Winter sustenance in the Fairy Garden!

Baskets for gathering and a little stove and sink and tables for camping out:-)
This is the complete set

Ready to go!
From above
Front view with moveable buggy seat

  The rear view, lids on side boxes come off for keeping supplies in !

Interested in this set  ? Please email me at :

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 This was at the unpainted stage :-)
  It is also just in time for end of Summer camp outs and will have a wee kitchen and chairs and tables for that as well as lots of room for baskets of harvest treasure!