Tuesday, October 2, 2018

First rains and colored leaves!

Mother Nature is turning the page to Autumn 
It is the time of gathering and collecting

 I have gathered a basket of herbs from my garden to make into bouquet garnis for Winter soup.
My little bunches will dry nicely now that the wood stove is going each morning with colder nights.  I keep as many herbs as I can in my little green house, but
they do not really grow much, so these dried ones will be wonderful in the depth of Winter!

The light changes with Autumn as the sun angle changes.  The Autumn light is preferred by artists most of all because of the warm golden light that is found. First leaves to turn in my yard are the Dogwood and Virginia creeper and Sumac

And Sumac is one of the most beautiful for color

It is nice to use the bountiful things found on walks and make a wreath to celebrate. This wreath is made from Virginia creeper vine, it takes about 10 minutes to wind around and around and then twist some vine around that to hold the shape.   Let it dry and then add leaves and seed pods. I do not use any glue with these.

 Happy gathering and crafting through out this wonderful season. There are several projects in the my tutorials that are fun to do with family during this time.

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