Thursday, August 9, 2018


The Excitement in the air is making meadow grasses bow down and wild dock is turning oranges colds an reds in the fields! The oak trees are very loaded with fresh green acorns fast in their caps~

Here are a series of pictures of the finished set. The roof is painted with a Willow leaf design. The Wagon is 10" long., 8.75" high and 6.5" wide.

Leif helps Little Nuthatch gather baskets of Winter sustenance in the Fairy Garden!

Baskets for gathering and a little stove and sink and tables for camping out:-)
This is the complete set

Ready to go!
From above
Front view with moveable buggy seat

  The rear view, lids on side boxes come off for keeping supplies in !

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 This was at the unpainted stage :-)
  It is also just in time for end of Summer camp outs and will have a wee kitchen and chairs and tables for that as well as lots of room for baskets of harvest treasure!

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