Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cottages and Gnomes for useful plants we Love!

Healing Cottages and their Gnomes!

 The lovely Chamomile Cottage! A relaxing and calming plant, helping sooth little ones and tummies all around.  One of the most loved and useful wild plants we have.

  The Sweet Violet Cottage~  The fragrance of the tiny deep purple little flowers carpeting the forest floor , playing amongst the Forget-me-nots~ is a cherished childhood memory. The fragrance alone is a great aromatherapy!  I toss the blossoms in my Spring Salads and the dried leaves and flowers make a restorative tea, antiseptic by nature. Candied flowers were a victorian treat:-)

The Windflower Cottage (Pulsitilla Occidentalis)  A wonderful homeopathic remedy 
The Calendula Cottage (Winter Marigold) One of the most versatile and useful plants of all!
I make soap and healing salve out of the fresh flowers and leaves every summer:-

The lovely Starflower Cottage! ( Boarage)
Borago offiinalis

Not only does this botanical bring use healing , but leafy food for soupls, stews and on their own. The use of this plant goes back hundreds of years and the flowers can be tossed in salads and tea used for cheer!

I will continue to add these houses, honoring the gifts Nature has given us for our well being:-)

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