Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Snow and January Projects

The time of Winter in the Mountains

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Winters can bring a lot of snow and  days spent mostly indoors, not to far from the fire. When the sun comes out for bit, I take to walking the lake shores and looking for twisty roots and nice sticks.
Pretty Moss, flourishes in the winter, here along the shore and also deep in the
conifer forests just behind this Alder grove. 
A troop of Spring gnomes is being  coming for what is just around the corner!
A Tomten and Fox set is also coming to life in the little workshop!

This is a house I am making which is made from a large Pine root I found along the shore, it was about 4 " in diameter and 5 feet long. I have made several houses already, but this one is the last. I consider this very special wood indeed!
The small pieces on the front, the railings and roof supports are all small Pine roots. It is almost done, but I have the doors to decorate still and I am making a pine root gnome for it.

The finished Pine Root house and a wee Pinecone Gnome too..

This is a large Amanita mushroom that I found in the Alder forest. These come in a wide range from bright red, to orange, yellow and white. it was exciting to find these , a forest full of them! This was atleast 9" across too.

So as you might know, mushroom houses have been something fun that I enjoy making and finds such as this inspire me all the more...

This is fun and also large house I have just finished .

Another project I did this month that was fun was covering a tea box with  birch bark paper. A tree down the road regularly has large bit of peeling bark, which I sometimes carefully pull off and use for something special.

This is the finished box~ I had a rubber stamp of a hedgehog I put on it, but colored it in. I used two buttons and silk ribbon to close it.  I will make al little tutorial of this project soon.

I placed the box on pieces of the birch and just made patterns on the spot. I used the glue I use on my wood things and everything really, Weldbond.
It is made in Canada and non-toxic.

Along with shoveling lots of snow, I have managed to keep a thread of work going , with the projects above and a couple other little houses. 
I look forward to next month when there will be less rain and snow! Before we know it Spring will be here, as all the while things are growing and moving beneath the snow , in the warm earth.

This house comes with a Pine cone baby!

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