Friday, September 23, 2016


 It is time to find our gathering baskets and favorite soup recipes! My day was greeted with rain I built the first fire of the season!

My favorite time of year! "visions of  pumpkins and persimmons in my mind" :-)
Wee folk camping in their tiny homes in their Autumn woods!

  Acorn caps of all kinds for wee folk hats,  bowls and cups and always nice in garlands and decorations of the season!

  Gum nuts I use for for mail pouches on houses, food and dishes and porch          lights , I just love them!

Cones of all kinds are always a great joy, especially for the holiday decor.. tiny rosehips that grow wild are wonderful for decoration, displays and wee folk fare..

            Tomten and Fox are getting ready for the changing of Season!
And have found a cozy home at Willodel!

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