Thursday, November 26, 2015


The Time of Giving Thanks

Being  Thankful is part of being mindful to me, thanks for what I have and the hope for greater and greater. prosperity of spirit.  I have often felt that Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday, combining Autumn, harvest of food of all kinds, wild and grown, colored leaves, seed pods and pine cones which fill the home with Mother Nature's presence .... always so welcome.  
It also, for me, brings focus to Thanksgiving for family, friends and the greater circle of
kindred spirits the world round that share values, goals and appreciation of things we all hold dear.  The contact with these kindred spirits expands my world to greatly and offers great hope for the Good, the Beautiful and the True!
There is always a bit of excitement in the air as well! As the cold comes and fires in the wood stove are a daily affair, things become cheery and busy inside.  I am working hard on getting a tutorial on Gnome Boatman ready to present over this season, filling requests that I have had a good while,  and making new things for this special season.  Here are a few pictures of what is going on at Willodel !

As Autumn arrives , so does working more with wool and felt as it becomes colder in my wood 
wood shop. Before I started this Deep Forest mat, I dyed more wool, pre-felt and roving different shades of green. This mat is being created for the base of a big Tree Trunk House that a customer already has. I love working with these wonderful colors.  I try to give several 3 dimensional parts to this and pond made with silk. This is about 18" by 22". 

The finished mat was rich with mossy rocks, meadow patches, a pool, mushrooms and little flowers. It is like painting with wool and very enjoyable work.

This is  the first picture of my Gnome Boatman and Elfin Coracle project. At the top you can see a finished wee fellow!

This is Liefs little brother! He is riding in his Milkweed seedpod boat!


 And Holiday photos!  I love creating scenes like this on my kitchen table! I bring my photo lights in and begin doing more pictures in the house because of Winter coming. I use what things of Willodel I have at the time and  create scenes which I hope will inspire others in their homes, to celebrate Wee folk , Nature spirits and Mother Nature herself!  You can see I have the abundance of green wool that I had dyed for the mat project and very pretty lacy colored leaves that are from Wild Geraniums.
Thank you everyone for  your following Willodel and look forward to more Holiday  posts to come!


  1. This is such a visually stunning post! I love seeing all the things that you make. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Greetings Simone and thank you for writing and stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving to you also and may all these things you find here inspire you in many ways~