Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 A Journey of Delight and Whimsey

   For someone who loves the woods and has talked to the woods and worked with the woods for most of a lifetime.... there lies a deep and dreamy relationship with Nature that is intertwined in all my doings.
   There are imaginings and visions and inspirations brought by Nature herself.  In my life, this has often revolved around the house in the tree trunk, the happy abode for wee ones and nature spirits. 
It is a reoccurring theme which is strongly noted in my history of creations!   So this house shown below was no less than this, and perhaps a greater expression of it, feeling like a grand triumph in it's creation.

I had saved this large piece of wood for something special and had it a while and at last it spoke to me, telling me what it wanted to be.

The Big Willodel Tree Trunk House!

There is a stairway to climb to reach the upper room on the outside, as well as a ladder on the inside.

The front door is a "set in " door, which can stand along, or be taken out, this type of door is the solution for me, for a door that has worked well. Eucalyptus pods are used for door handles and "lights" and message pouches.

The top room has two stools for looking out, but can also be used as a sleeping loft. There is a wall ladder in the downstairs that leads up to the loft.

There is a window with awning for the downstairs

The back has a larger opening to access furnishings and use of the lower room. There is an acorn light and message pouch on the back also.

The back also has a "set in" door with seed pod door knob.

The Tree Trunk house is made from windfall Aspen , Poplar  and Ponderosa Pinetree roots, with various seed pods.

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