Friday, April 24, 2015

Trees are Leafing out~ Walks along the Lake shore are pleasant !

Happy Walks and Found Treasures

Warm days have invited us outside more and more, taking an afternoon hike along the lake shore.  The found wood is both inspiring and useful!  I am adding some photos of the houses made in the last month , showing the treasured finds and spirit of the 

Going out gathering things in nature makes for spending special times with our dear friends...
The lovely green roofed mushroom house is detailed with things from such walks..The little trees are gathered Sequoia Pinecones that are put on little base and washed with non toxic colors. When the cones are still on the tree they are a lovely green and turn brown over time on the ground.

Precious Wee Ones come to visit for Spring!

This lovely Gnome lodge is richly accented but the found driftwood which are actually bendy roots from the lake shore.

This Shroom house has a lovely outdoor room added with a  drift wood roof
Another charming , lilting Gnome Home, bending with the Spring breeze and blessed with twisty driftwood on the front

This Real Log Home has a driftwood handle and door and window accents , giving it added charm:-)
The "trees" are made from fallen Sequoia pine cones.
Here we have a friendly Willodel Wren and the Blue Fairy.

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