Friday, February 6, 2015

The glories of "Found Wood"


The sun barely peeking out through the clouds, the forest floor damp and steamy, mushrooms pushing up here and there and moss growing on the ground in a bright velvet green carpet around lovely round stones and tree exhilarating to be out in Nature after winter storms.  Down along the the lake shore , the sand is covered with pretty round pebbles and drift wood piles, full of wood polished by wind, stone, sand and water, now laying in a line where waves last lapped.
Such treasures to be found! pieces of roots for fairy lanterns, straight sticks for fox organizers, small limbs sanded smooth for fairy furniture... AND then, this log, already hollowed out, made of burled wood and warm reddish hues... I stuffed the inside with my sticks and carried in lovingly under my arm all the way back to the car and then home. I let it dry and finally began working with it.
This is a very special house, a family treasure and heirloom . The Wee Folk are pleased.

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