Thursday, November 26, 2015


The Time of Giving Thanks

Being  Thankful is part of being mindful to me, thanks for what I have and the hope for greater and greater. prosperity of spirit.  I have often felt that Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday, combining Autumn, harvest of food of all kinds, wild and grown, colored leaves, seed pods and pine cones which fill the home with Mother Nature's presence .... always so welcome.  
It also, for me, brings focus to Thanksgiving for family, friends and the greater circle of
kindred spirits the world round that share values, goals and appreciation of things we all hold dear.  The contact with these kindred spirits expands my world to greatly and offers great hope for the Good, the Beautiful and the True!
There is always a bit of excitement in the air as well! As the cold comes and fires in the wood stove are a daily affair, things become cheery and busy inside.  I am working hard on getting a tutorial on Gnome Boatman ready to present over this season, filling requests that I have had a good while,  and making new things for this special season.  Here are a few pictures of what is going on at Willodel !

As Autumn arrives , so does working more with wool and felt as it becomes colder in my wood 
wood shop. Before I started this Deep Forest mat, I dyed more wool, pre-felt and roving different shades of green. This mat is being created for the base of a big Tree Trunk House that a customer already has. I love working with these wonderful colors.  I try to give several 3 dimensional parts to this and pond made with silk. This is about 18" by 22". 

The finished mat was rich with mossy rocks, meadow patches, a pool, mushrooms and little flowers. It is like painting with wool and very enjoyable work.

This is  the first picture of my Gnome Boatman and Elfin Coracle project. At the top you can see a finished wee fellow!

This is Liefs little brother! He is riding in his Milkweed seedpod boat!


 And Holiday photos!  I love creating scenes like this on my kitchen table! I bring my photo lights in and begin doing more pictures in the house because of Winter coming. I use what things of Willodel I have at the time and  create scenes which I hope will inspire others in their homes, to celebrate Wee folk , Nature spirits and Mother Nature herself!  You can see I have the abundance of green wool that I had dyed for the mat project and very pretty lacy colored leaves that are from Wild Geraniums.
Thank you everyone for  your following Willodel and look forward to more Holiday  posts to come!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Dragonfly Fairy Chateau

Inspired by Nature & Filled with love~

  This is a special house that comes along with Nature's handiwork showing quite strong..filled with love for natural wonder , inviting wee folk and fairy song to come your way and stay with us long.

   Being quite large & made of wild woods, seed pods and twigs, it fills our homes with such delight~

                  A party gathers for tea & pie, a good time with friends and evening draws nigh~


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fox and Cart found in the Garden!

Little Fox and Cart found in the Fairy Garden

This project was a special order, the little fox is always a loved item, whether a book rack, letter holder or made to pull a cart or live in a log home..
The fox is cut and sanded out of bass wood, the cart is poplar and aspen

Usually I use raffia for some weaving on the cart, but this time of year there are vines that are very supple, so I wove Virginia Creeper vines and a later added their twining curly parts too. The upright posts are oak twigs, the hub cap is a eucalyptus pod.
The finished cart and fox with his harness is in my Garden for Fairies with some friends! While the garden grows and fills in, it turns out to be a wonderful place to take photos:-)

Another little Fox and cart going home for the Holidays:-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Willodel Elf Cupboard

The Story of a Piece of Wood

    Many years ago, over 10, I collected wood from along a creek that ran through a meadow where I lived. In the winter time, the high water and flooding would bring a lot of limbs and logs down the creek from higher mountain areas.  The area had abundant Mountain Ash growing along the creek channel and this was primarily the kind of wood I found, along with Aspen.  For reasons unknown, sometimes the Mountain Ash trees would have a lot of insect activity under the bark, creating beautiful "designs" in the woods surface.  When I would find this kind of wood it would always be a treasure. 

This shows the Ash trees growing along the creek banks, in this area it was typical to find these trees growing in the riparian corridor along all the creeks and river.

The creek and meadow habitat were full of abundant wild life, here is a group of young Black Tail bucks, which lived in the meadow. For some years I watched the grow into large , handsome bucks. 

Lots of waterfowl, songbirds, herons and cranes  lived and visited the meadows and abundant water sources, they nested there and raised young and many lived there year round.

Over the years I made many functional houses for nesting songbirds. This a baby Western Bluebird, leaving the "nest" for the first time. He had 4 siblings! There were also Wood duck boxes, goose nests and many Bluebird houses, which Tree Swallows also used.

    So at this time so many years ago, I had found quite a large tree that had died and fallen and had saved the last piece of this wood, waiting to make something just right.  I no longer have access to this kind of wood, so it remained very special to me.  At last I knew it was time and I decided to make one of my favorite creations I designed ~ a tree cupboard.
   When I lived in Wyoming and found a lot of beaver chewed wood, it inspired me to make a "tree cupboard" for the first time.  I have only made a few of these over the years, but decided my last piece of Ash was right for it.  I made the piece, using very beautiful hand milled Sugar Pine for the roof and floor.  I put vintage paper inside on the back wall. The piece can be set  on a surface or hung on a wall.  It is now going to a loving home.
   It will forever hold the spirit of the woods &  meadows it came from, abounding with wild life, fox, coyotes, herons, bluebirds, tree swallows, elk, deer and eagles.

            The house holds the essence of the woods, the meadow and the creeks and ponds in it.

Wee folk are always drawn to the story of the wood and want to visit! Inside are memories of all the birds and creatures that have visited the wood along the way...

                             Knowing that inside there is both mystery and beauty in the story.
 Gatherings always follow.....!

A house I will always  happily  remember.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Flowers, Sun and Friendship

A wonderful gathering of friends to give thanks and talk about all the Springtime activities

 Little Yellow Warbler has come to visit and is being welcomed and blessed by Mother Nature's little emissary

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A quick little SpringPost forFun!

Fun with Flower Buds!

I brought these awesome little flower buds back from a walk...because as I walked by it was like little pointed green hatted wee folk were calling to me...

  So the next morning I was filled with smiles when the little guys greeted me with their flower hats.

These faces were added to the lower part of the bud with extra fine felt pen and a bit rosy paint. These faces could also be made in the garden and not just cut flowers...Think of the excitement on a birthday morning!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



 A Journey of Delight and Whimsey

   For someone who loves the woods and has talked to the woods and worked with the woods for most of a lifetime.... there lies a deep and dreamy relationship with Nature that is intertwined in all my doings.
   There are imaginings and visions and inspirations brought by Nature herself.  In my life, this has often revolved around the house in the tree trunk, the happy abode for wee ones and nature spirits. 
It is a reoccurring theme which is strongly noted in my history of creations!   So this house shown below was no less than this, and perhaps a greater expression of it, feeling like a grand triumph in it's creation.

I had saved this large piece of wood for something special and had it a while and at last it spoke to me, telling me what it wanted to be.

The Big Willodel Tree Trunk House!

There is a stairway to climb to reach the upper room on the outside, as well as a ladder on the inside.

The front door is a "set in " door, which can stand along, or be taken out, this type of door is the solution for me, for a door that has worked well. Eucalyptus pods are used for door handles and "lights" and message pouches.

The top room has two stools for looking out, but can also be used as a sleeping loft. There is a wall ladder in the downstairs that leads up to the loft.

There is a window with awning for the downstairs

The back has a larger opening to access furnishings and use of the lower room. There is an acorn light and message pouch on the back also.

The back also has a "set in" door with seed pod door knob.

The Tree Trunk house is made from windfall Aspen , Poplar  and Ponderosa Pinetree roots, with various seed pods.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Trees are Leafing out~ Walks along the Lake shore are pleasant !

Happy Walks and Found Treasures

Warm days have invited us outside more and more, taking an afternoon hike along the lake shore.  The found wood is both inspiring and useful!  I am adding some photos of the houses made in the last month , showing the treasured finds and spirit of the 

Going out gathering things in nature makes for spending special times with our dear friends...
The lovely green roofed mushroom house is detailed with things from such walks..The little trees are gathered Sequoia Pinecones that are put on little base and washed with non toxic colors. When the cones are still on the tree they are a lovely green and turn brown over time on the ground.

Precious Wee Ones come to visit for Spring!

This lovely Gnome lodge is richly accented but the found driftwood which are actually bendy roots from the lake shore.

This Shroom house has a lovely outdoor room added with a  drift wood roof
Another charming , lilting Gnome Home, bending with the Spring breeze and blessed with twisty driftwood on the front

This Real Log Home has a driftwood handle and door and window accents , giving it added charm:-)
The "trees" are made from fallen Sequoia pine cones.
Here we have a friendly Willodel Wren and the Blue Fairy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Having Fun with Spring:-)

It is an inspiring time! 
 Enjoy it as much as you can~

 Cottontails in a Log Home!

 Willodel Wren made to order now in the shop!

 A cheeky Kingfisher also to order in the shop~
I am enjoying making Fairy Cottages quite a bit, most having a 
'set in' door now.