Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mysterious Caravan

The Magic of the Pony and the Caravan

   I have had musings in corners of my mind and heart for a long while on the topic of caravans and wagons, and finally got bold enough to try making the pony to pull it.  It seems like summer is the right time to find these treasures on rutted roads through the woodlands and meadows of tall grass.  They must all have their own story....

   There is a story that came with the building of this wagon, which I will have to slowly enter in a book. The story of the wood itself, of the elf with his pony, the fairy in the cart, they are looking for something, long lost.  They will journey until the find it and the Kingfishers will help as they follow the rutted road along the water's edge.
  I hope you will come with us...

First the Willodel Wren is talked to too, for she knows much of what goes on in the woodlands.

    It is time to feed the highland pony and make a place to camp for the night.
Perhaps in this journey they will meet other wagons and carts and their owners and ponies, this would be nice.  We shall keep our eyes and ears open for distance sounds of such things and listen carefully to what the songbirds sing.

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