Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Embracing Summer Fun and things we LOVE!

Outdoor Eating and Camping with Gnomes!

Acorn Cafe with Gazebo and Acorn Camp

I think many of us have happy and romantic memories of making outdoor "Camps", childhood dreams and road trips. And if we did not really do it, we pretended we did!  We made "camps" in the backyard and put up tents. This theme will be the source of my creations for a while and  I hope all enjoy and are inspired...

The Acorn Camp is full of fun, with a shade structure, a stone fire pit, a flag, a camp table and lots of stump stools!

 Below is the Acorn Cafe set, full of summer fun and many parts to play with.
This set is for Gnomes , Fairies and Elves and all week folk friends, to enjoy each others company and have summer fun outside !

The back has a large opening for play access and to the serving counter for customers in front

The Acorn Cafe is a very busy place!

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