Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring is bringing new ideas and directions!

Now it is May and we are officially out of winter mode I believe.  I have cleaned out my Fairy garden from  last summer and will have to mostly replant it.  I put a picnic table over it is so it would be a bit protected, but it needs replanting.  I will take pictures of that progress.
I am making more felt things and loving it, I love working with color. Along with more felt things, I plan on exploring working more with paper and painting.  I have started some "play scapes" which you will see more of here,  also some ideas for making them at home for everyone "out there".

 This is another Fairy Shop, this one has sleeping "nest" on the limb and also a bed inside at the top.  There is a nice large message pouch and a charming Fairy Light lantern by the door.

 While I was planning on making a Gypsy wagon next, this unusual house suddenly appeared to me!  The design in delicious colors that I adore and rather abstract and random -- a nice change  from anything predictable!  Leif is bring Luna Gnome a pet oppossum!!

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