Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plum trees and Daffodils are Blooming in my neck of the woods!

Another vibrant playmat full of joy for the season of new growth!

Pinecone Fairies and Elves enjoy the new playmat immesely! Making these is easy and in the Pinecone Fairy tutorial page on my blog here. The vibrant colors are primarily all dyed at home with mixes of the non-toxic dyes I have.

 The beauty of the mat are the lively colors and the three dimensional quality. Adding elements of water, plants and things one finds in the woods. The wool is very thick , about 3/8th of an inch ,  making it very sturdy.

The over view is always fun, like looking down from riding on the back of a dragon fly!

This little mat is inspired by the deep woods, with lots of moss, fragrant violets, forget-me-nots, a pool of water surrounded by mossy rocks and a mossy stump.

This little Tree House bucket was a project made at the same time as the mat. Two little chippies are cozy here. The little half door easily lifts out.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring is just around the corner!

Some Spring time Fun!

This is a lovely way to get some art in while making something extremely useful! These organizers are great, for mail, notebooks, iPads, favorite books by the bed...or napkins!

 Common Merganser family

This happy little guy is one of three!  A stand for favorite bedtime stories, or recipes or mail, a helper all around.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two New Projects!

This week brought one more little Pine Cone project along, some too irresistible to pass by.. A little Fairy Cottage of Birch and Pine cones.....

And some sillness also, with a breath of Spring in the sun and warming breeze.... bunnies are coming  with character and fun!

I have cut these out of pine and wood burned and painted them, about 8" long,... they will be made into twiggy organizers or mini book racks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grand Elfin Pinecone Castle!

In my looking about for something else, I ran across a big bag of pine cone "petals"( I am sure this not their scientific name) ...the little parts the squirrels chew off as they look for the nuts inside. At one time I made roofs out of these, using them for "shakes." It suddenly gave me the inspiration of making something whimsical, the aire of a magic woodland castle...
And voila !

 This house is almost 15" tall!  the front is nice looking and the back open for play.  The door in front does not open, but provokes the imagination.
  A table and two chairs come and there are green wool rugs on the floors.  There are acorn caps on the roof tops.  All is well and happy here!