Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Elf Work in the Studio


Much time has passed since my last post, and I thought I would catch up by posting images of what has been going on in the work room over the last weeks.. a variety of lovely requests :-)

In the Hutch inspiration is always found!

Filled with projects , kitchen work table in early December

This is a wooden stage I am working on, when complete I will try making copies on heavy card stock to sell as a "do it yourself" project

Ahh! A Fairy Sleigh, a gift for artisan friend dear, Will speed through the snow to find new delight across the sea!

A Polar Bear ! Needle felted and ready to go to a new home, Leif had to give him one last pat.

The Polar Bear and his Sleigh!

I never tire of Tomtens and foxes!

A woodland stage with characters, ready for celebrations...

More painting done on the sides

     Another nod to Autumn as Winter comes, a Little Acorn Gnome finds a lovely home and Willodel Wren comes to visit!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Times for Celebrations and Gatherings that Winter Brings..

Celebrations and Gatherings 

Gatherings of and dinner!

I will be adding more photos to this post in the next days!

Friday, November 7, 2014

A visit from the Frog Prince, The Golden Bumble Bee and Finley..all find homes!

The Frog Prince finds an Autumn Home

This home is made from a gourd, I call these "Pod Homes", it decorated with needle felted leaves

The Golden Bumble Bee finds a home

The Golden Bumble Bee was originally made with a flower bed, but a real house was requested and this is what was made for her. Along with the new home, a Bumble Bee Gnome is coming  too.

Finley and his Foxes find a nice Winter Home:-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Let These Clever Fellows Help Organize the Home!

Good for so many things! The desktop organizer..... notebooks, tablets, napkins, bedtime stories, bills..

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 A time of Gathering

   It is a time when a certain excitement fills the air, a time of gathering , a time of anticipation and excitement, for making, for cooking, for family and friends.  
   Things are very busy here, many projects going on at once, of wood, of wool , of seed pods and many new ideas!   I hope to get two new tutorials done, one for Play Mats and one for Paper Mache.
Autumn color of Black Oak leaves
Little Fox and Leif, with a new cart

Wee folk are busy gathering!

When the Gnomes get weary, Little Fox helps pull the cart!

I have been working at making more sculpted animals, I love making these!

Endless possibility and fun with seed pods! 

These are all from Eucalyptus trees of different kinds. I 
also use lots of different kinds of acorns:-)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Journey Under the Light of the Silvery Moon

A Felted Elfin Caravan on a Journey for Gathering

A flicker flew by morning light,  and looking down, to his delight, an Elfin caravan had stopped for the night....

Leif and the Blue Fairy are traveling to gathering things they will need for the winter, the Mossy gnomes and Wren have things for them...

By the light of the silvery moon Elves will be dancing with Fairies in Fairy shoon...

The Elfin pony , who knows his way, will bring them luck that will forever stay...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Autumn in the Air!

The Feeling of Autumn in the Air

   Thoughts of pumpkins turning orange, with rose hips and  chestnuts not far behind--oh Autumn, my favorite time of year!  I have made one last Summer escape for the season....

The gypsy vendor cart, for all sorts of harvest fun, berry pies, poppy seed tea, apples and all that is good;-)

Here is a woodland cart with Autumn Elves and gnomes out for gathering in the fields and woods!
 Last Summer Adventure hose.....Full of fun and exciting things to do, a bonfire, a pergola, brunch out of doors!

Unusual "porch " roof to add to the beauty of it all;-)

Now though, I am thinking of Autumn , I have made a cart with a fox for gathering and Autumn colors for Gnomes.....

I will be focusing on Autumn activities and things for the Nature Table...Looking forward to all the fun things!

Sunday, August 3, 2014



Fimbrethil is the lost Entwife from Tolkien

This house was built for a custom order and larger than usual.  I had gathered all my "green " bits of wool and also dyed more, Romney curls from "La" and bit of pre-felt, roving and silk.  The client had mentioned wanting "eyes" so at the end of the build I began a face on the back. Something beautiful appeared and I am thrilled with the result.


a kin of the Greenlady

Thursday, July 24, 2014



    I think the feeling that life is a blur and you can hardly remember where you began or left off, combined with very high heat, makes for some Summer confusion! And yet at the beginning of the week there was a glorious rain, at night and then again in the morning and it broke the tremendous heat we had going on and it has been very pleasant this week, soon to get hot again however..
The brought the blissful smells of the damp earth and the sense in the cool of the early morning, that Autumn was not far around the corner.  On the ground are scattered dozens of young acorns that have fallen from high on the trees, looking like a tremendous bumper crop of acorns again.  For those of us who LOVE Autumn, there is excitement in the air!  
   I have been thinking a lot about Autumn at Willodel and what new things I can have for this giving season. I am going to upload some project pictures and things recently made...

I so enjoy making my Sequoia Gnomes!  Dog walks have never been so exciting , since we pass several of the giant Sequoia Redwoods on our walks and can see what the squirrels have knocked off the tree for us. The lovely hair is made out of La's curly Romney wool which I dye. I will be making sets of these for the Holidays and am trying one out with legs :-)

This little Violet Miss is the start of my own collection of rainbow colors. The set of five was a special order.

This is a new product, made for my concept of Willodel Playscape pieces. This is a flat house and more affordable. I have wood burned and  painted the house. I also have a version with an open doorway.  This house has a multitude of uses...
1. Can part of a group that makes a "Play scape' for gnome play, combines
well with a playmat and other pieces, such as tables chairs, livestock etc.
2. It is wonderful in a small space such as a windowsill with a Gnome by it, for stories,
Nature display, decoration. 
3. It could be adapted to book ends or  a shelf.


 This is a Willodel Playscape Mushroom house and Ginger Gnome with baby.
The house is about 8" tall
 This shows a group and felt playmat. The center house has an Open door and I have a box behind it and rug inside. 

 Let our imaginations run wild!

This on a ledge in the kitchen, I think this is extremely cheerful and inviting for conversation and story...
I have plans on making wider pieces with landscapes for backdrop and also a stage.  It is very pleasant to work with images and color as I love doing the artwork.   I am working mostly on white birch.   I always welcome comments and feedback on ideas!