Friday, March 22, 2013


I have added to my page on dyeing, showing new results and what I accomplished this last month. I look forward to adding to this with more pictures of what I make and what kind of colors I will get from Spring growth.

This is my pile!  I am pleased with these pieces and look forward to making things with them.
To read more, go to the page on home dyeing wool in the tabs above.

I kept track of my colors by dyeing little samples and glueing them onto heavy card stock paper.  Now that Spring is coming, I will try to add some greens and other Spring colors.


  1. Hello Lucinda,

    you are right talking from my heart. I'm looking forward dyeing myself again. But it is still winter and much too cold. We are waiting for the next warm sunny days.
    Your idea to document your dyeing results I realy like and I should do the same myself for my results.
    Best regards from Bavaria

    Heather/ Susi

  2. Thank you Heather.
    It was cold and snowy when I began this and I began by using things in the house, turmeric powder, pine cones from Holiday decor and bark from the firewood!
    I hope you have warm weather soon :)

  3. It is still cold here (2° celsius) and it's getting colder. But the spring should arrive at easter. Hopefully.
    Lucinda, may I have a question to you? What felt-fleece are you using? I am enthusiastic about the colours you have created. Here we are getting the felt-fleece mostly in white, seldom in natural. Except I felt myself. I'm dyeing wool for our celtic reenactment group On our homepage you can find some pictures about us.