Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day!

 Not only is April a month to really welcome Spring, it is the month we celebrate Earth Day!  Being aware of the Mother Nature and learning about her creatures and caring for them is extremely important to me and the Willodel Shop. Many things listed can be used as focuses for Nature Display and learning about wild life. Some of these choices might be the wooden birds, the Songbirds and Bird house set, the Hedgehogs in a Log set, the Chipmunk Set and now today I am adding The Toad Hall set.  This set is something I spent a long time on and includes a story about Toads.  It is intended to engender a caring attitude and greater awareness about toads, the greatest friend of the gardener, and gentle little spirit with a great capacity to respond to human kindness.  I am including a link here to my Garden Toad Watch Blog.  Fostering a great love, appreciation and knowledge of the natural world to our children is one of the greatest things we can do. I am also including a link to one of my favorite wild life rescue sites in the UK.  With time I will be able to add pages to this blog on family projects to build simple, functional bird houses, another important thing we can do for wildlife, and more complete instructions on creating a toad habitat.
Along with learning from the toys and sets in the shop it is also a good time to note the careful way that everything is made. Wood for the houses is hand gathered from wind fall trees. Sometimes roofs are made from recycled wood, otherwise flat pieces are cut from a log.  Glues and sealers are kept non-toxic and natural.
Thank you for dropping by !

Different Earth friendly sets on Willodel

Toad Hall learning set for Earth Day

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