Monday, March 5, 2012


As tiny sprouts start to push up through the damp and frozen earth and at mid day there is a gentle warmth not felt for months... and  a lone frog or two is heard ... the promise of Spring is beginning to sing her heavenly song!  Phew! Sooooo  glad!  With these subtle yet undeniable turnings of events, all kinds of inspiration dance in my mind :)   Thus the line of works that are embracing nature herself have come forward... little birds, rabbits, chipmunks and hedgehogs! And what could be more wonderful to share with wee hands than these small creatures?  To hold is to learn for the minds of young children. And also learning where they live!  Making the wild life that I have always loved is so rewarding to me and such an adventure in itself.  I am making these new pieces out of the aspen wood I use for most everything and  some sugar pine I have had put away for a long time.  I am making stains for color from my non-toxic paints and using the beeswax/natural oil finish on them.  I think they are also suitable to put in the Nature display , perhaps by some real feathers found or a nest blown out of a tree or from last year.
I have ideas of making a little book using this cast of characters and my artwork and images.


  1. Absolutly stunning. I'm in love with all your wildlife and sweet homes too. A book is a wonderful idea. xx lori

  2. I am in love with your houses. I foresee a small village popping up in our living room. I may even let my son play too. :)