Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gnome Tree Tower

At the end of 2011 I began to have the idea of making tree houses that were vertical. Thinking of living in the giant hollow tree stump as many of us imagined as children.  I felt that with openings at the tops and sides, it allowed multiple children to play, as well as interesting boys more perhaps, being more like a tree "fort".  I made places to stand and places to get into and included climbing stumps for play and interest.  I plan to make these in different sizes. The array of gnomes are from my own as well as the PaintingPixie on etsy, most wonderful gnomes of all!.


  1. A beautiful idea for structure! I love the openess and multi levels, so inviting for more than one play :) I wonder about a hybrid piece with an open top as on this tree tower and a removable felted roof!

  2. That is an interesting idea! I would have to figure out an attachment though. I could make a wooden roof, or put a "handle" on it too. I always think of the little children, a roof that was not attached would get lost no doubt, and I am careful about anything that could break if you dropped it. I like the endless array of possibility!