Friday, September 23, 2016


 It is time to find our gathering baskets and favorite soup recipes! My day was greeted with rain I built the first fire of the season!

My favorite time of year! "visions of  pumpkins and persimmons in my mind" :-)
Wee folk camping in their tiny homes in their Autumn woods!

  Acorn caps of all kinds for wee folk hats,  bowls and cups and always nice in garlands and decorations of the season!

  Gum nuts I use for for mail pouches on houses, food and dishes and porch          lights , I just love them!

Cones of all kinds are always a great joy, especially for the holiday decor.. tiny rosehips that grow wild are wonderful for decoration, displays and wee folk fare..

            Tomten and Fox are getting ready for the changing of Season!
And have found a cozy home at Willodel!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Fine time for a Camp out in the woods!

  Seasonal Travels

Most of what I make is done by inspiration of the wood.
The wood always has something it tells me and maybe even something it always wanted to be!
When I found this peice of wood, broken on one side, I imagined what it might be with
the flattened underside and another Gypsy wagon was born.

The selection and twigs and roots and sticks is always a treasure hunt of Nature's offerings~ things that have blown to the ground in a stormy wind or washed ashore in the lapping little waves of the lakes and creeks.  Something with a little curve, a little lilt and a little song of the woods that speaks to me. We imagine the adventures in the woods with our friends!

Stairs are handy, as are camp tables and tree trunk stools and a jolly camp fire for singing around and sitting under the moon

Pieces to this set, now only needing the little trail, by rabbit holes and squirrel paths and song birds stories and calls through a woodland meadow with ferns and forget-me-nots

And then came Tiny Houses, just as useful for travelers and wee folk

Friday, July 8, 2016

In the Spirit of Summer Solstice

Summer means many things to many people. We all have our own nostalgia of it. 
For me it meant being out of doors, camping and embracing the wealth and beauty of the natural world around me.  Long days were spent in fields of tall soft grass, wild willow groves, small babbling creeks with waterdogs and frogs, surrounded my Maiden Hair fern, wild ginger and sorrel.
Building little houses with sticks, pebbles and mud and also making out door bakeries filled with pine cone delight and fir needle muffins!  In this spirit I imagine the fun of Wee Folk and all, enjoying their out of doors time. I loved making flags and capes and my wild horse was always named "North Wind"!
In this spirit, here is Camp Greenleaf!

A bonfire, a camp table, a place for good and a look out!

  The soft hand dyed wool leaves are for resting on and seeing the starry night

The backs also have nice doors in the spirit of the woodland and there is a log foot bridge to practice log walking!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Begins at Willodel

  A lovely Solstice this year, full of gentle sunshine, blooming flowers and contentment.
Work in the shop seems to be leaning towards Summer activities of being out of  doors,
garden projects , camp outs and a little travel~
As I have been in the shop working on things, a little voice kept saying that Little Fox wanted
to be part of a house and finally I have answered this call....

He has invited all his friends over for a bon fire and good eats!

Little Fox has been around Willodel for a good while, of the sweetest foxes you would ever care to know!

Friend of the Tomten!

Helping us organize the house!

Helping Wee Folk with Autumn harvest

Dear little furry friends indeed!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

More things for Spring where flowers abound!

Another Gypsy Wagon Appears from the Wood!

It has been a long while, but the time finally came:-) for someone who has patiently waited all this while.
It was decided that this cart would be pulled by a friendly golden red bear!

With the cart and Bear comes a table and chair for Wild teas and a nice wagon seat and bedroll
As you can see my close wee friend Leif, loves the bear as does little Trilby

The cart is made from wild Willow wood and the bear , Bass wood. 

The back has a removable half door.

This set is full of the magic found in Woodland places with little meadows filled with buttercups, wild iris and lilies...if you listen close you hear the robins sing and the creek talk and the trees sway in the breeze:-)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Joy of Spring

As Spring has opened her glorious arms to us, my work has been inspired to make new and fun things!

Walks by the lake offer driftwood roots for Awnings and shelters!  A lovel Spring Mushroom home with a Pergola!

A lovely meeting place for Summer gatherings and Wee folk comradery!

And even a Wee Fairy house  has a lovely Summer addetion on it for wild Violet tea and berries:-) 

What seems to appear with Spring are the lovely green roofs!  This is the last little house made from the large Pine root that  I came upon that washed ashore after a storm at the lake. The houses made from this root have all had a specil glow about them~

A little Pine Sprite dwells here and the wee room on the side has a little back door too..

Friday, April 8, 2016

A Time for Birds

Time to Think of our Garden Friends, the Birds!

It is nesting time for our fine feathered little friends. Birds are one of the greatest help to your yard and garden for eating bugs, pollinating and providing cheerful noises and song. Many common native songbirds are cavity dwellers by nature and lack the resource of hollow trees for nesting due to human development.
The best thing we can do is to provide our fellow birds with safe and  properly constructed nesting habitat. Birds migrate back to their nesting grounds this time of year. If they find a cozy home, they are likely to use it again next season.
Little known to many folks is that different species will nest in close proximity without complaint. They often chase off or fight with their own species, but ignore the activities of others, making it possible to create a Bird neighborhood:-)

This is a larger house and large hole, 1.5".  Bluebirds will use this house and other medium sized common birds.

This is a medium sized house and will be used by swallows and wrens

It is important for most species, to be able to clean the house out after nesting is over, for this I make the houses so the bottoms come off.

Here is an example of another kind of Bird neighborhood that had Wrens, Nuthatch, Tree Swallows and Bluebirds all nesting at the same time.

Here is more information on our friends the birds:

Mother and Father Bluebirds build the perfect nest! 

 This is the day that the 5 babies left the nest!  These are the first two that came out to fly for the first time!  Nothing is more exciting than to watch this:-)

Monday, March 28, 2016

More Nods to Spring & Gatherings from the Shore!

Leaning into Spring!

There have been days nice enough to walk the lake shores. The water level is high
 so collecting twisty sticks and roots is limited.  As I was returning the other day for a shore walk, I came accross a long twisting piece of dry root, clearly large enough to make some houses for the Wee folk:-)   The root was a from large Pine tree and washed ashore, broken in Winter storms no doubt. was left for me and my little dog to find!! These are the first two houses I made & I think I can manage one more.

The rarely seen Elfin Boot, made over the big Spring Equinox Moon & filled with  a certain magic!
Forget-Me-Nots decorating the door.

A surprise gathering of Wee Friends to share Spring tea

A Large Willodel lodge with a certain lilt as it leans toward Spring in wild flower splendor. The roof is made from Poplar and curving body is the Pine root.

And here again we have lovely Wee folk meeting for tea and pie:-)

Friday, February 26, 2016

More Spring whisperings invoking precious memories

More Spring Whisperings..

Finding the first wild Violets and the first Crocus --such an excitement and full of a wealth 
of memories trailing all the way back to childhood. The showing of new life after the long winter 
is always like a revelation of spirit !

Here we have a Real Log Home and two Cottontail bunnies happy on their grassy mat with tiny flowers.

Come and play with me! 

 This log home is made from wild Willow wood and pine, with eucalyptus pods and acorns. The door has lovely Forget-me-nots on it.

These lovely crocus smiled up at me on my walk , so fresh and precious, all the while in the frozen ground...they were growing:-)